About The Author

About The Author

Todd D. McPartlin

Todd McPartlin_300x300Todd McPartlin has committed himself to helping small businesses just like you dominate your competition online using proven techniques. Todd has spent many years studying, testing and learning from the best in the industry in order to help your local economy. Todd continues to stay ahead of the ever-changing Internet by investing large amounts of time and money learning the upcoming and latest changes to the online industry. He has surrounded his company with the best in the business. Giving him an unfair advantage over his competition and in turn giving his clients and unfair advantage over their competition.
Todd McPartlin is a certified local advisor and member of LIMA (Local Internet Marketing Association). He follows the industry closely, and is coached and mentored by the world’s best coaches. By following the industry’s best practices Todd is able to help small businesses crush their competition online.

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Expert Guidance For You

  • 15+ years of software development and engineering
  • LIMA member (localima.org)
  • Certified local online advisor
  • Member of DCS Local Advisory Panel
  • Coached and mentored by the best in the industry