Automation Domination

A Business Owner’s Guide To Dominating Your Market Online

Todd McPartlin

Todd McPartlin has committed his life to helping small businesses just like you increase their online footprint. What is an online footprint? The number of Internet web assets your company maintains and controls, your social media empire and interaction with fans, your client or customer list.

In short your online real estate empire. Using the proven techniques outlined in this guide will dramatically increase your customer traffic, increase your conversions and in turn increase your backend profits.


In “Automation Domination: A Business Owner’s Guide To Dominating Your Market Online” you will discover:

  • How to position your website as the authority on the web
  • How to increase conversions on your website
  • How to increase your bottom line by adding more value to your customers
  • Proven techniques to increase your visibility on the major search engines
  • Plus many more strategies to win the online game and dominate your competition